What is a Fensing?

This game is a new arrival to Srilanka. Three wepons are used in this game.These wepons are Epee,Foil and Saber.So This game is consisted with three parts of games using these three wepons.

The origin of Fencing

This game is introduced to the Olympic games in 1896 Not only That but also ladies joined in Fencing ladies competitions in 1924.Today borth men and women compete in individual and team events This was introduced to Srilanka in 2008.

Arrival of Fencing to Kegalu Vidyalaya

Fencing was introduced to Kegalu Vidyalaya in 2015.The school team work to gether with the helpof MAS.MAS firm has taken this game to Kegalu Vidyalaya and now There are about ten students train as Frencing sport men .There Students have participated many Fencing game for the past year.Mr.Asiri Wijesingha does a great service to the students of Kegalu Vidyalaya as the coach of Fencing Mr.Jagath Amarasingha is the teacher in charge of Fencing in Kegalu Vidualaya.The main aim of the competiters of Kegalu Vidyalaya is to be the Champions of the School Fencing games